LINX PTT links you to what matters.

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LINX PTT is a Broadband / WiFi alternative to traditional two-way communication and a great tool to optimize internal correspondence, business intelligence, and operational work flows for diverse global enterprise and organizations.

LINX provides one system to connect you to your team, connects your team to their work, and connects the organization to their operation’s data. The LINX complete solution is comprised of a mobile application, an office dispatch dashboard, and specialized rugged equipment. Through all the benefits of mobile technologies and because of its simple, intelligent and innovative guidance, you won’t need any hefty training and you can start using the complete system easily and immediately.


The LINX PTT application connects you with your team through the functions of professional PTT tracking and traditional dispatching. Instant group calls, individual calls, priority calls, text messages, status messages, call history, voice recordings, live status, GPS locations, data transfer (files, pictures, etc.) and safety alerts, LINX puts all the tools you need right in your hand!

In addition to the mobile app, LINX offers a convenient and easy-to-use desktop dashboard that allows for monitoring and management of your mobile workforce through a live interface on your computer. With LINX Dispatch and PC Push To Talk you can monitor, command, and control your operations in real-time while recording voice and data for later analysis.

Last, using ruggedized, purpose-built hardware and accessories, we ensure that your personnel are equipped with the right (water proof, dust proof, drop proof, extra loud audio) gear to get their jobs done!

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LINX delivers a feature-rich, PTT solution into the hands of your mobile workforce. Using broadband and WiFi, the IP connectivity ensures your accessibility and reachability under even the worst conditions and environments, stretching coverage to nearly all areas worldwide.

As an inexpensive alternative to traditional two-way communication, LINX is an opportunity to optimize connections, intelligence and work flows within diverse businesses and organizations across the globe.

What is a complete system without the ability to provision users with individual system permissions, assign roles and groups, manage mobile device fleets, program devices and update users over-the-air, and monitor your overall operations with efficiency through robust analytics and reporting capabilities? LINX delivers all this and more as a live, feature-rich business solution right to the palm and PC of more than two billion monthly Android users worldwide.