Business Case: Facilities — Benefits & Cost Savings with LINX

LINX facilities benefits


A Facilities company with over 100 field workers servicing households and other businesses throughout the country faced stiffer competition, tighter schedules, longer shifts and heightened emphasis on their employees’ safety as they struggled to grow their company’s customer base.

Workers needed reliable, easy-to-use communication tools to be more efficient and productive, to reach and share information between all groups easily to support additional customers’ needs, and to quickly respond to any incidents that may occur to improve upon their staff’s safety.


  • Locating all 100 service technicians when they are in the field at assigned daily maintenance jobs.
  • Reducing the use of company time for personal tasks.
  • Protecting the company’s equipment from staff misuse and theft.
  • Employees working alone in the field need additional security.
  • The office requires 3-4 dispatchers per day to place approximately 25 calls each in order to reach 100 field workers. This is inefficient. The calls take an average of 5 minutes to complete, one at a time. 25 calls x 5 minutes x 4 staff members = 500 minutes per day.

That costs 8 hours and 20 minutes of administrative pay daily just to place calls.


  1. linx ptt private callA live map provides the GPS location of all field employees in real-time.
  2. Using points of interest and geofencing, Dispatchers can set alerts to receive notifications when workers arrive at and leave from their assigned job sites.
  3. Dispatchers can share files and information easily using instant messaging.
  4. Built-in Lone Worker alarms will raise an emergency if staff does not respond.
  5. Instant Push-To-Talk calls can reach one user, different groups, or theentire team of 100 employees at once. Messages can also be sent to groups and offer the ability to pre-schedule them in advance to inform all at once.
  6. All data and calls are recorded for historical and investigative purposes.
  7. Reports are available that provide detailed analytics for operations review.


One manager makes 25-35 calls per day, that last a minimum of 4 minutes each, spending approximately on regular phone calls.

Three managers spend approximately:
  • 450 minutes of talking per day
  • 2250 minutes of talking per week
  • 9000 minutes (150 hours) of talking per month

A manager’s salary on average is 34 Euros per hour (payment in super brutto). Using these calculations, this company can save 5.100 euro a month via shortening call times and communicating more efficiently using LINX PTT.

By reducing calls from the average 4 minutes using traditional calling down to 20 to 30 seconds in length per call via PTT, managers will gain back 33% of their valuable time a day by using Push-To-Talk instead of VoIP phone calling.

5.100 Euro per month equals 61.200 per year of savings by the company from implementing just this one change alone!

That money can be applied to hiring additional field support to get more jobs done or to hiring a senior level manager that can further assist with finding additional growth opportunities.

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