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AINA PTT Voice Responder

Wireless Bluetooth PTT Remote Speaker Microphone for Zello Walkie Talkie, ESChat, Azetti, Talk-IP, Novatalk and other Push-to-Talk apps. Dedicated PTT buttons and an alarm button. Works for both iPhone & Android. Made of public safety this PTT Bluetooth Microphone is a remote control of your PTT app. Keep your phone at a safe place and stay connected with loud and crisp audio quality.


  • Remote Push-to-Talk control for PTT apps
  • iPhone & Android compatible
  • Industry Certifications: CE, FCC, MIL STD 810G
  • IP65 dust proof and hold pouring rain, Rugged & Loud (100+dB)
  • Battery life: est. min. three consecutive work shifts

AINA Bluetooth PTT Voice Responder, Remote Speaker Microphone – XP5s and XP8