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Dedicated PTT, dedicated SOS, Volume Up/Down, Power, and third/extra function button

MIL-STD-810G, IP 68

Total talk time: approx 20h

Dual SIM (Nano)

Cyrus® Outdoor Phones meet a high level of quality, reliability, and resilience in any outdoor environment. According to international IP68 and MIL-810G standards they are shockproof up to 2m height, permanently waterproof up to 1m depth and dustproof. Your Cyrus® CS22-XA will be a tough companion for any day-to-day challenges.

Cyrus® devices are equipped with strong and durable batteries, wireless charging, powerful processors, sufficient storage capacity, shatterproof gorilla glass, comprehensive multimedia package, PTT and SOS buttons, and dual SIM capabilities.    All devices are Google GMS-certified, running on Android.

North American and European versions available.