Chicago Hotels Must Now Provide Employees with Panic Buttons

According to the Office of the City Clerk, an Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-6-180 now requires hotel employees assigned to work in guest rooms or restrooms to be equipped with portable emergency contact devices.

What’s a Panic Button?

“Panic button” or “notification device” means a portable emergency contact device that is designed so that an employee can quickly and easily activate such button or device to effectively summon to the employee’s location prompt assistance by a hotel security officer, manager or other appropriate hotel staff member designated by the licensee.

With LINX PTT, your employees’ existing devices are transformed into panic buttons and more.

The employee may use the panic button or notification device to summon help if the employee reasonably believes that an ongoing crime, sexual harassment, sexual assault or other emergency is occurring in the employee’s presence.

Sunday, July 1st was the deadline for employers to provide the panic buttons – is your city next?

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