Connect & Protect with LINX–SOS

While businesses everywhere have been challenged lately with new rhythms and workflows, health and safety requirements have pushed many teams into becoming remote and mobile workforces.
LINX connects essential teams, keeps them safe, and powers productivity more efficiently than traditional radio and other PoC solutions.
Mobility, connectivity and staff safety are top of mind—and now more than ever we are bringing People and Technology Together.

Working Together

  • Contactless Instant Communication
  • Indoor and Outdoor Location Tracing
  • Remote Worker Monitoring
  • Team Talk and Text
  • Mobile Dispatch with PC PTT
  • Personnel Safety
  • Emergency Management
  • Integration with Existing Radio Systems
  • Purpose Built & Hands-free Devices in Stock
  • Immediate Installation
  • Remote Support
LINX seamlessly integrates voice and data from mobile users on the system into a single, easy-to-use dashboard that allows supervisors to manage teams in real time, track personnel and critical assets' whereabouts, and collaborate more efficiently. 

Frontline Solutions

  • Utilize existing WiFi networks and/or cell coverage
  • Supports hands-free
  • No expensive hardware or IT requirements
  • Low-tech, easy to use

LINX provides team connectivity, data sharing, wellness checks, location tracking and staff security.

Systems get up and running quickly with contactless SafeMobile support that includes
account set-up and user training—all done remotely.

How LINX helps:


Instantly send voice to one, many, or all of your workers at the same time.
Predefine talk groups or create new ones on demand (Ad-hoc) to patch together different teams resources.

GPS & Zones

Geofence virtual zones to monitor in/out movements from specific areas and assign team boundaries.
Mark points of interest relevant to your business on a live map.
Historical breadcrumb trail of team whereabouts. 


Report critical emergencies instantly at the push of a button.
Require lone workers or at-risk staff to check-in proactively.
Program any button on your phone to be your SOS button.


Secure messages and files can be sent to one, many, or all.
Vocal Notifications: text messages read aloud for hands-free operation.
Send files and images out to field users and receive data back into your command center.

More Coverage

Using broadband and WiFi, LINX ensures high quality voice calls under even the worst conditions, stretching coverage to nearly all areas worldwide.

More Accessories

Specialized equipment and accessories meet the demands for wearable safety and hands-free communication. See more from CYRN, AINA, Pryme, Sonim and more.

More Insights

Monitor operations to quickly resolve problems that arise in real-time. Run reports to identify operational inefficiencies, promote expediency within your teams, and reduce response time.

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