Enterprise Mobility: The Future of Our Workspaces In The Palm of Our Hands

enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is more than a buzzword – rather, it is an all important platform that invests in solutions, or virtual tools, that make work easier, efficient, cost effective and safer for any organization.

With organizations’ global reach and the rise of connectivity through smart devices, it’s easier to apply mobility solutions to automate your business process and manage your employees in a more efficient manner. The flexibility gained through enterprise mobility solutions allows employees to log in either through a WiFi connection or a mobile plan, freeing them from the traditional bounds of the tethered office.

enterprise mobility

What is Enterprise Mobility?

To keep it simple, mobility helps businesses leverage data to manage their workforce and at the same time serve their customers effectively.

Enterprise mobility experts have analyzed overall business objectives to suggest developments for fitting, innovative solutions that help organizations learn and grow.

Benefits of an Optimal Solution Include:

1. Automation and Facilitation of Data In Real Time, Leveraging the Flexibility of a Mobile Device

Enterprise mobility solutions allow you to collect data from the field or mobile fleet in real-time through smart devices to feed information back to a central system directly. In this way, an enterprise does not need to depend on desktops or paper logs, which in turn streamlines operations and automates processes to a great extent.

2. Highly Improved Communication

When employees and customers are efficiently and seamlessly connected with an enterprise, optimum supervision and customer service are ensured, even when operating the business away from home base or working in the field.

LINX offers an integrated communication and data collaboration system with instant private and group calling, real-time GPS dispatching, live tracking and fleet management features, content sharing, team messaging, advanced worker safety and security options, operational analytics, and much more to meet any global business critical needs. The app’s feature suite provides optimum communication and coordination between departments while maintaining an easy flow of information to facilitate fast decision making.

3. Cost Reduction

As applications and methods are dependent on wifi, cellular networks, the internet, and the handheld mobile devices owned by individuals, dependency on clunky, antiquated, expensive desktops and other stationeries relied upon by legacy workflow is reduced. Companies cut IT overhead and eliminate complicated configurations by deploying LINX’s easy-to-use, cloud-based services that don’t require complicated systems and hardware or managed maintenance by local vendors.

4. Boost Productivity Levels

Access to real-time data at the right time by the right person increases productivity while eliminating confusion and errors. With access to extensive analytics and reports that review operational data such as hours worked, a mobile employee’s route and driving habits, a team can best manage their territorial coverage, optimize their routes, plan for fuel efficiency, reduce over-time expenses and reap countless other cost-saving incentives from boosting their operational productivity.

In addition, mobile devices are the most user-friendly and robust units on the market to rely on for efficient tracing, reporting and instant communication. With the increase in mobile workforces that use highly integrated applications in their personal lives, a business’ expectations for such apps as instant messaging, push-to-talk communication, team tracking and GPS enabled fleet management systems, and easy content sharing from a single source application has almost become a requirement for increased productivity.

How Enterprise Mobility Solutions Providers Work

The best IT firms in the industry provide specialized solutions tailor-made for your business needs. Our experts will help you make plans and strategies to implement the latest technologies and applications enabling your business to grow with the help of LINX mobility solutions.

Empower Your Workforce With LINX Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Request a LINX demo today and and see how your organization can benefit – we can show you how to get the best outcome from your existing resources in combination with our state-of-the-art mobility solutions to demonstrate how LINX will help you reach your business goals.