Global Success Means Being Local Everywhere, All the Time

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A communications system is crucial for all businesses in any industry. However, business efficiency and employee productivity depend heavily on having the right system in place. Especially in today’s world where borders are virtually eliminated through the flow of information and the internet.

On-premise systems provide a rich set of features and functionalities to suit individual location’s needs. However, these on-premise systems require top talent personnel and expensive hardware to maintain. Setting up new offices, finding vendors, and provisioning employees can take months. The time and effort easily multiply when you extend your offices to many countries.

Your IT not only has to keep different systems up and running in different locations, but also has to onboard your global workforce to use all these communication tools for external and internal communications. Problems, when they arise, leave users and managers trying to figure out which equipment or service vendor to call for help.

Freedom of Modern Communications

Conventionally, voice acted as the primary business communications tool. With the increase in mobile workforces that use highly integrated applications in their personal lives, the expectation of being able to SMS, talk and share content from a single application has almost become a requirement. The ability to access these modalities in business communications matches the users’ need for ease of use and mobile support; thus, it’s becoming important for businesses to offer these modalities while ensuring applications are intuitive and offer high performance features.

Put simply, employees want faster, uninterrupted access to service and the freedom to communicate anywhere, anytime on the device of their choosing.

Global Communications, Simplified

linx mobile enterprise communicationsLINX offers an integrated communication and collaboration system with private and group calls, GPS tracking, content sharing, team messaging and more to meet your global business needs.  Administrators can add an unlimited users, unlimited number of groups, utilizing WiFi or the carrier of your choice as your mobile workforce or international business grows. Your users around the world can instantly make calls, send alerts or exchange text conversations from any Android device.

The benefits to all organizations are instant cost-savings and increased employee productivity. Companies reduce IT overhead with LINX’s easy-to-use, BYOD service without having to manage local vendors and hardware, as well as the complicated configuration and maintenance from on-premise solutions.

LINX’s global solution complies with local regulatory and industrial security standards. You can have peace of mind with LINX’s secure and reliable communications solutions with 24/7/365 monitoring and quality control. LINX enables an internationally dispersed workforce to feel like a single, integrated office. To see how LINX could benefit your organization, please Request a Demo today.