Push for More than Push-to-Talk

Connect your teams, keep them safe, and power productivity with LINX for Healthcare Teams.
From check-in, to patient care, to emergency response, instant communication is essential to providing patients and their families the best possible experience. With LINX, you can connect and protect your facility employees at a fraction of the price.

More than Push-to-Talk

  • Private & Group Calls
  • Call Priority
  • GPS Locations: History & Staff Presence
  • Live Dashboard for Oversight
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Employee Safety Devices
  • GPS/Vehicle Tracking
  • Landmarks and Virtual Perimeters
  • SMS & File Transfer
  • Dispatcher Communications
  • Unlimited Users and Groups
LINX seamlessly integrates voice and data intelligence into a single, cost-effective solution, allowing your employees to collaborate more efficiently whether they're tending to patient needs, coordinating activities, or restocking supplies.

Push for More, Pay Less

  • Utilize existing WiFi networks and/or cell coverage
  • Supports a BYOD policy
  • SafeMaintenance customer support (two-years included)
  • No expensive hardware or IT requirements
  • Low-tech, easy to use

No wiring. No hidden fees. Yes, please.

Get up and running in days with our SafeMobile support.
Account set-up and user training are included with your system.

How LINX helps:


Predefine talk groups or create new ones on demand to patch together different resources.
Specialists can mentor and navigate situations with others from remote locations.

GPS & Zones

Geofence virtual zones to monitor in/out movements from critical areas, assign team boundaries or patrols.
Mark points of interest to display on a map, such as temporary facilities and testing sites.


Report critical emergencies instantly at the push of a button.
Require lone workers or at-risk staff to check-in proactively.
Assign audible alerts to curb user behaviors or warn of situations such as entering a PPE required zone.


Secure messages and files can be sent to one, many, or all.
Smart-paging type function: text messages read aloud for hands-free operation.
Schedule messages to send vital info to other shifts.

More Coverage

Using broadband and WiFi, LINX ensures high quality voice calls under even the worst conditions, stretching coverage to nearly all areas worldwide.

More Accessories

Health workers communicate professionally in front of patients with comfortable accessories (bluetooth headsets, earpieces), and can use specialized PTT buttons.

More Insights

Monitor operations to quickly resolve problems that arise in real-time. Run reports to identify operational inefficiencies, promote expediency within your teams, and reduce response time.

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