Spotlight: Hospitality Tech Improving Employee Experience

linx hospitality solutionWhile the main hospitality technology focus is on improving guest experience, hoteliers must not forget the benefits of improving employee experience. Here at SafeMobile, we’re all about complete solutions that make team communication, collaboration, and safety more seamlessly integrated than ever.

The global hospitality industry is a highly fragmented industry with a lot of technology deficiencies and needs that require smart solutions. Today’s hotelier must understand, know and use digital tech solutions in their everyday environment, and be able to assess, evaluate, and acquire technology solutions to improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and cost savings.

See how your hotel can come up to speed with LINX:

Operational Efficiencies

In hospitality, communication is key. Whether there’s a large scale emergency or a simple guest request, hotel employees must be reachable—and quickly. That’s where LINX comes in. Boasting instant, high quality voice communication without any limitation on number of users or distance, LINX is the ultimate team communication tool.

On average a PTT call lasts 15 seconds versus more than 50 seconds on traditional calls; and while that may not seem like much on it’s own, the time adds up, and time is money. Since we strictly use data and WiFi networks to transmit voice over the internet, our service works where cellular phone voice calls fail. You will get in touch faster, get more done, and operate more efficiently, all through one app.

Circling back to technology fragmentation, it’s important to note that LINX is not just a communication solution. The all-in-one application paired with the dispatch console allows for employee monitoring, route tracking, file sharing between teams, staff safety and emergency programs, and an analytics and reporting dashboard that facilitates inefficiency identification in your workflow.


linx file transferProductivity is a word that gets thrown around a lot, and a large part of it revolves around ease of use, because if something is easier to do, there is more motivation to do it. With LINX, instant messaging (SMS), voice communication and file sharing can all be done from the same application. No more toggling between multiple phone apps that are also mixed with non-work essential clutter.

Also, the application gives supervisors the ability to proactively manage staff activities and gain quality control. Supervisors can use their own cell phones, tablets or laptops to see a real-time view of where all their employees are located, and communicate to them on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis from anywhere – at any time. This is especially important if your hotel is a large, sprawling property; supervisors no longer have to search for room attendants, redirect them to clean specific rooms or attend to guest requests, then come back and log it at their desk. Instead, they can use the LINX live map to see all their employees’ activities and whereabouts, choose the specific employee closest to the room in need, and send an instant PTT call or SMS with the request to respond immediately.

While the thought of implementing a solution like LINX may sound daunting, we made it easy to deploy for a reason: we don’t want to bog down your productivity for weeks on end, we want to enhance it. Which is why SafeMobile provides clients with the tools and excellent customer support needed to be up and running fast, in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Cost Savings

By enhancing and utilizing existing Wi-Fi networks and providing low-cost, hand-held devices (or implementing a BYOD policy) to employees, new technology has significantly brought down operating costs. No expensive cabling, wiring or installation is needed in order to communicate. No IT department, complicated equipment or big-budget servers are required, either. LINX also saves you money by providing all the tools you need to run your operation safely and efficiently using one platform instead of paying for high-priced software programs individually. Because your data is stored on a secure cloud, setting up and managing your LINX system can be done easily, in real-time over the air, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional communication systems via a low monthly subscription fee.

Don’t just take our word for it—We encourage you to try LINX with a risk-free demo. Use it for a few weeks and see for yourself all the features and benefits that can enhance your facility. During this time you can also identify any custom requirements that we may be able to assist you with.

We know best, service and support set you apart from the rest. LINX can help you get there. For your free demo, visit or send an email to