The 4Cs: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, Control

LINX enterprise mobilityMove over, diamonds, mobility is the gem of the future.

According to Forrester, ‘By 2020, the mobile workforce population is expected to reach 105 million—nearly three-quarters of the total U.S. workforce.’

As companies explore new horizons of a ‘mobile first’ world, employees are leveraging the influx of smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices while carrying on with their work on-the-go – meeting customers, working in the field, enabling sales, managing multiple sites, driving and transferring goods, optimizing workflows, tracking routes and so on.

Accordingly, connect, collaborate, communicate and control have become the 4 keywords associated with a successful deployment of distributed work teams.


LINX provides one, easy-to-install system to connect you to your team, your team to their work, and the organization as a whole to its enterprise data.

The LINX complete solution is comprised of a mobile application, an office dispatch dashboard, a command and control user provisioning system, and specialized rugged equipment that all work together seamlessly to support your enterprise. It connects teams across sprawling job sites or in facilities and offices around the world.

Our customers can customize their network using either the full feature set or specific components based on the individual business needs of various industries.

Using cellular broadband and WiFi, the IP connectivity ensures your accessibility and reachability under even the worst conditions and environments, stretching coverage and reachability to nearly all areas worldwide.


LINX was developed with collaboration in mind. The application’s unlimited groups allows team members to be available, instantly responsive, and encourages open communication across all departments to help employees discover and address daily issues in real-time.

For example, a field service worker who has encountered a customer with a broken or missing part can immediately and directly collaborate with the right person in purchasing to order the part and optimize the workflow, all on digital record rather than paper. Not only can you transfer voice information via Push to Talk; with LINX you can also text the part number or send a photo of the broken part using one securely encrypted app.

No more toggling between isolated applications like notes, camera, photos and messages; With LINX, your favorite tools aren’t only in one device, they’re all in one application, designed and customized with your mobile workforce in mind.


The LINX professional grade Push to Talk system is comprised of instant communication capabilities for voice, text, live GPS location and emergency alerts.

LINX PTT has top voice quality, which means team members can always clearly hear and be heard, even under noisy conditions. It instantly delivers one-to-one and one-to-many conversations with one tap. Convenient recordings also ensure calls and conversations are never missed.

As an inexpensive alternative to traditional two-way communication, LINX is an opportunity to optimize communications, intelligence and workflows within diverse businesses and organizations across the globe.


What is a complete system without control? With LINX, you have the ability to provision users with individual system permissions, assign roles and groups, manage mobile device fleets, program devices and update users over-the-air, and monitor your overall operations with efficiency through robust analytics and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Connect and protect your employees by giving them the tools to collaborate and communicate in a customized, encrypted network under your control.

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