There's No Limit on Safety

school safety panic buttonThroughout the country, many school districts have started investing in emergency alert systems. More specifically, panic buttons: these panic buttons are both physical devices or accessible via smartphone app, or both, not the physical wall- or desk-mounted panic button systems you remember from growing up. How do modern panic buttons facilitate emergency/incident response in schools?

CYRN (pronounced sīrən)

School faculty and staff may carry CYRN discreetly in a pocket or a bag, wear it on the wrist, on a keycard, or around the neck as a pendant. CYRN uses Bluetooth® technology in association with a mobile app on Android or iOS, to initiate alerts and text messages from the smartphone. With GPS location technology built into smartphones, security personnel can be directed to exactly where they’re needed in time sensitive situations.

There Are No Small Emergencies When It Comes to Our Kids

Teachers face the potential for many types of emergencies on a daily basis when caring for and educating our children. For example, two students may engage in a fight where the teacher feels unsafe or even powerless to intervene and help them. With the click of a button, he or she can send their location and an SOS alert message to security personnel on campus, who in turn can respond with backup to address the situation appropriately.

Similarly, if a student collapses in class due to a medical reason, the teacher can swiftly send the alert to the proper contacts, such as the school nurse, to request her to tend to the student’s needs immediately. CYRN would also benefit sports teams and special needs teachers, who may need to alert parents in addition to other faculty, to incidents in their clubs and classrooms.

In larger scale situations requiring safety protocol, such as if a fire were to break out in a classroom, the teacher must depend on the room’s fire equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguisher to respond quickly. A third layer of safety in that protocol should include a panic button that empowers the teacher to immediately inform security and administrative personnel of the event while still focusing on evacuating students to safety.

This can also hold true for laboratory safety. Science classrooms are equipped with the necessary eye-flushing stations and lab coats, but accidents like chemical spills that require further follow through still happen. A botched chemical interaction may cause a spill requiring containment or noxious gases to fill the air. With the push of a panic button, the teacher can request additional emergency help from school security and personnel before the incident escalates.

Emergencies Come In All Shapes and Sizes

school safety panic button

Whether it’s a maintenance emergency like ceiling panels falling down in the hall or a sink that springs a leak, physical emergencies such as a student athlete twisting an ankle that requires medical assistance, or hostile student incidents like smoking in bathrooms or student violence, having a way to easily signal for emergency response is crucial for any educator.

Connect and Protect

Provide your school faculty with the resources they need to instantly report emergencies and give them peace of mind in their day-to-day by knowing that help is just one click away. Request a Demo of CYRN today.