Today's Forecast: Cloud and Coverage

linx on cloudThe new convergence points for enterprise communications are cloud and mobile. In fact, according to IDC, over 60 percent of enterprises will adopt cloud unified communications and collaboration (UCC) by 2020.

Open cloud communications strategies enable conversational experiences that free up information silos in business workflows and seamlessly connect people, data, and applications.

The Mobile Workforce and the Cloud

Enterprises now have to deal with an extended workforce that is geographically dispersed and includes external partners, contractors and suppliers. While the growth of the mobile workforce is a boon to productivity both inside and outside the traditional fixed workplace, it also calls for more sophisticated tools for communication. Whether workers are on-site, at alternate office locations, over-the-road, in the field or in the air, all businesses must have the ability to collaborate efficiently, and the cloud makes it possible.

What the cloud brings is scale, flexibility, mobility, and advanced communications features that are easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Research shows that 75 percent of on-premise UC deployment initiatives fail. The culprit is frequently poor end-user adoption due to workflow integration and interoperability problems.

Cloud approaches enable easier deployment of communications tools in enterprises. Since LINX is a Broadband / WiFi alternative to traditional two-way communication, it’s a great all-in-one tool to optimize internal correspondence, business intelligence, and operational workflows for diverse global enterprise and organizations that requires little implementation effort and training.

Digital Disruption

Enterprises are being disrupted by digital technologies. Business leaders are being tasked to develop digital workplace transformation strategies that focus on people and how they interact to get their work done.

Many enterprises use manual processes – i.e., call lists, printed work orders within territories and zones, and time sheets or spreadsheets – to manage their workforce. With LINX, companies maintain a live database of where their employees are in the field while monitoring their zones, record all route histories, and use the data for operational improvements.

Conversational interfaces and experiences powered by LINX and the cloud support the entire communications and collaboration lifecycle that requires contextual data, one-to-one or one-to-many communications, worker safety and more.

linx ptt private callMore specifically, The LINX PTT application connects you with your team through the functions of professional PTT tracking and traditional dispatching. Instant group calls, individual calls, priority calls, text messages, status messages, call history, voice recordings, live status, GPS locations, data transfer (files, pictures, etc.) emergency alarms, employee safety alerts, and systemwide user data analysis through comprehensive reporting utilizing WiFi or the carrier of your choice for mobile service while your mobile workforce or international business grows.

Enterprise communications and collaboration strategies have to be focused on people and the business workflows they are involved in. The technology needs to be collaborative and enable the specific business processes that people care about. LINX cloud deployment enables an internationally dispersed workforce to feel like a single, integrated office.

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