Mobility Solutions in the Construction Industry are an Asset

Interested in improving the overall quality of your construction site? In many organizations around the world, companies are beginning to understand the true benefits of having mobile workers who are constantly connected through the help of their mobile device. More specifically, the construction industry can benefit greatly from deploying mobility solutions.

mobility ptt linx

Improving Communication

The most obvious benefit you’ll get from implementing a mobile solution is an increase in communication amongst workers. Whether you have a big group of people working on the same project in a large area or if you have separate crews throughout the city, they need to be connected. The LINX PTT application connects you with your team through the functions of professional PTT tracking and traditional dispatching. More specifically, Instant group calls, individual calls, priority calls, text messages, status messages, call history, voice recordings, and more.

Access to Real Time Data

asset tracking linx mobility

Another huge advantage to using a mobile solution in construction is it gives you access to real time data instead of having to wait for monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.

It’s also important to note that with the help of real time data you can get an idea of how close your team is to finishing a project, enabling you to find another project to start on immediately after the first is completed.

Transferring Offline Information

It is common for contractors to take remote jobs that may be in an area where they don’t have
access to a computer or the internet. Luckily, with LINX using broadband and WiFi, the IP connectivity ensures your accessibility and reachability under even the worst conditions and environments, stretching coverage to nearly all areas worldwide.

Improved Project Management

LINX provides the ability to provision users with individual system permissions, assign roles and groups, manage mobile device fleets, update users over-the-air and monitor your overall operations with efficiency through robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

As you can see, mobility is convenient in numerous ways, particularly when you take a look at the construction industry. If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to keep your workers connected, don’t hesitate to contact us and Request a Demo.



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