Don’t Panic, Employers. LINX Integration with the CYRN Emergency Panic Button is Here!

linx industriesFor many years now, business connectivity applications have revolved around productivity, collaboration, and operations, with safety falling by the wayside. Not anymore. 

Corporate leaders now have a responsibility to protect their employees, their customers and their communities. LINX applications react accordingly to connect and protect personnel, assets and the surroundings of any workplace.

While LINX initially appears to be a team communication and productivity solution, the increased focus on worker safety and harassment in the workplace got us thinking: How can we go beyond traditional group communication and the typical man down and lone worker alarms?

Enter CYRN (siren): The Discreet, Wearable Panic Button

linx cyrn dispatchUnlike the standalone CYRN panic button and app, the new LINX/CYRN integration is a more comprehensive safety solution. When the CYRN is pressed, an emergency all-call and remote monitoring channel is opened automatically by the user’s device that allows the user to call out for help when possible and provide specific details to the listening emergency response group.

What’s more, the LINX Dispatcher Dashboard highlights when users issue an Emergency Alert and the incident is displayed on a live map with highest priority, centered and differentiated from other ongoing events. Dispatchers then have the ability to effectively prioritize and manage Emergency Alarms, including forming an instant ad-hoc incident response team of colleagues nearest the scene in progress. 

With real-time data and notifications supported by audio and GPS, time-stamped activities become recordable details into what actually happened on site in the event of emergencies, which can be further analyzed later. LINX/CYRN wearable technology has the potential to transform corporate responsibility for safety and risk management protocol and best practices for incident response across all professions.

“Better Safe Than Sorry” and a Lot of Other Benefits

linx safety statsAt the most basic level, of course we as humans and employers want our employees to feel and actually be safe in their work environments. But let’s also look at it from a business and fiscal lense:

Injury-Related Lost Work Days

Robust safety solutions reduce response time, which in turn can reduce injury. Injury-related wage and productivity losses cost businesses $50.7 billion in 2017 alone. So while it’s easy to hyperfocus on upfront safety solution costs, remember the injury losses can cost much more; both from a financial standpoint, but more importantly, human health, well-being and safety. 


Unfortunately, disputes can arise over how emergency events occurred or how they were responded to. Certain new legislation across the U.S. has accounted for this and makes specific reference to corporations providing appropriate emergency response protocol and incident response management. 

Oftentimes, incident disputes are taken to court, which can bring some hefty legal fees. With the LINX/CYRN integration, emergency talk groups and remotely monitored calls are available on the LINX Dispatcher Dashboard for immediate playback or downloaded for future reference. Having audio recordings clarifies occurrences and allows employers to focus their energy on a solution rather than wasting resources figuring out what happened. 

3-in-1 All-in-One Solution

Already using PTT devices? GPS tracking or fleet monitoring services? Still mulling over investing in a separate safety solution? Save yourself the time and money with LINX

When it comes to your team, you want to make sure you not only get them the best, but that you get the most out of what you’re paying for. With CYRN fully integrated, LINX is an all-in-one team communication, productivity monitoring and safety solution, where safety is a key component. You get 3 apps in 1 as a subscription so it’s easy and fast to deploy with no IT team or integration experience necessary. What’s more, LINX provides immediate savings to cover any possible new device or accessory costs, should you choose to provide them. 

To see the new LINX/CYRN integration in action, please email or request a demo. 

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